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5 Year Impact Report
The Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi) is a nonprofit research organization that funds environmental, social and corporate governance research, as well research on the capital market context that impacts how investors and companies make decisions. We ensure the research is objective and then make it widely available to investors, companies, policymakers, the news media, and all interested stakeholders.

Our mission is to provides thought leadership at the intersection of corporate responsibility and the informational needs of investors.

A key tool for dissemination of our sponsored research and that of others is the IRRC Institute's sponsorship of the Corporate Governance Network of the Social Science Research Network. Led by governance expert and Harvard law professor Lucian Bebchuk, the CGN serves as an online repository for thousands of research papers and abstracts.

In addition to our sponsored research, IRRCi has implemented two key programs:

  • An IRRCi Annual Research Award, “Post-Modern Portfolio Theory: Uniting the Real Economy with Portfolio and Investment Theory.” More information is available here.
  • With Columbia Law School’s Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership, a joint call for research to better understand the purpose, use and potential misuse of stock prices in public equity markets. More information is here.